Upper Solutions GmbH, Wien

Why neo?

Our most important feedback of satisfied customers is: the software is thoroughly thought-out and offers for the first time, as a suite, solutions for very complex questions.

Time is an asset one cannot buy. Therefore the new neo:suite offers head space to users in order to dedicate themselves to the vital points of marketing again. The software takes care of tasks consuming valuable time with cleverly devised automation and predefined planning steps. The neo:suite by UPPER Solutions brings more time for creativity.

The neo:suite of UPPER Solutions makes the planning and production of any type of advertising efforts even more simple and efficient.

Easy Planning ...

... of marketing campaigns and advertising efforts by taking production and distribution details into account from the beginning


Adherence to schedules

... by depositing time schedules (deadlines) that automatically calculate all important milestones within a project (starting from the print- or putting-online date to the starting date)


Short processing time

... by having departments collaborate up until production (e.g. choice of assortment and placement of products in brochures and flyers)


Easier daily work

... by means of the process-driven task distribution that supports all participants in the settling of their tasks


Great overview

... with the neo:marketing calendar that portrays all projects clearly arranged and enables comparisons of various planning periods (e.g. comparison with the planning of the previous year)


Efficient production

... through an automated structure of layout templates (from simple use of screen templates to the entire catalogue (online and offline catalogue)