Upper Solutions GmbH, Wien

The neo:suite

The neo:suite is the innovative software solution of UPPER Solutions for the growing requirements of marketing specialists. Successful marketing through various advertising channels is becoming more and more complex. This results in an increase of tasks, which a lot of companies cannot meet with manpower alone anymore. This is valid from planning to production.

The neo:suite is addressing exactly that and shows an innovative path to simplify the daily business all the way, from the Marketing Manager to the Graphics Designer, in order to enable efficient and time-saving team work. The target is clear: more time for creativity.

The neo:suite offers a “virtual work space” for each user with specific and easy-to-use functions, which were developed for expert practice based on the experiences of specialists and clients. The solution is an intelligent composition of innovative modules and individual adjustments, which enable clients to put their planned marketing activities into action in a time- and resource-saving manner.